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2002 Model Year


     Kawasaki introduced to the world what a quad ought to be. The Prairie 650 slipped onto the scene in 2001 and has not looked back yet. Ask the boys in Minnesota about the 700 vs 650 duals. The 650 is the only quad designed from the ground up including engine to be specifically for a quad. Ever had to reach for that little yellow lever yet (doubt it). In the pages that follow I hope to provide some photos and information regarding this quad that are otherwise hard to obtain. If you like my site please email me information and some things you would like to see on here to keep this site informative as well as inspiring.
Note I have copyrighted these contents. However if you wish and you are not a business or work for a business you may print the material here. If you are a business and wish to use the enclosed information please Email me first as the only requirement I have for this information at present is that you donate to a local youth organization.  Please note I do not assure the accuracy of this information as I have researched and obtained this information through multiple sources and do not assure it accuracy. I will not be responsible for any damages or problems that may arise from the use of the enclosed information. (Just protecting myself guys sorry).

Specs for the 2002
Bolt Specs for the 2002
Special Tools used on the 2002
Accessories for the 2002
Brackets and Mounts
Winch Installation
Changes for 2003 Model Year
Recalls for the 2002
News for the 2002


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