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Kawasaki Prairie 650 Relay Locater

A few first I have not made pictures of as yet

Speed Sensor - located on the KAPS belt cover at the rear on the bottom

Fan Switch - located in the raidiator, at top,  on the pull start side of the quad.

Forward/Reverse Sensor - right behind crankcase dipstick on engine.

Neutral Switch - On top of engine cover near oil line on pull rope side of engine

Reverse Switch - On side of engine cover right under neutral switch.

Drive Belt Failure Switch - on KAPS top near engine brake - it is square.

Vehicle Down Sensor - Behind Gas Tank on Drive Belt Side of Quad beside tailight.

OK for the ones in a picture

All of these are in one picture of under the seat


Main Fuse

Starter Relay

Fuse Assembly

Starter Circuit Relay (Brake)

Actuator Controller

Starter Circuit Relay (Neutral)

These are located right side of the airbox and below the airbox

Flashing Relay

System Circuit Relay

Switch Circuit Relay

Diode Assembly

Diode (in harness)

Ignition Coil

Idle Adjustment

Fuel Shut Off Valve