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Prairie 650 Satisfaction Survey

This form is an attempt to find out how persons owning a Kawasaki Prairie 650 like the quad, if they have experienced any problems, if their dealers took care of their service request and their view of Kawasaki taking care of customer claims.

Please if you do not own or have been the previous owner of a Prairie 650 DO NOT COMPLETE the survey.

Thank You.

Please provide the following contact information:

First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Website URL

          Please provide the following model information:


          Dealer Purchased From


          Enter the date of ... :

-- mm/dd/yy

I have experienced the following problems with my Prairie 650
(the box at the right is to provide the mileage at time of failure)

Choke Sticking                                  
Belt Squealing                                    
Belt Replacement                               
Electrical Problems                             

Other Fuel System Problems               

Fit and Finish of your ATV?

          Any other experiences not listed here in the survey.

Revised: August 08, 2002